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The rapidly growing demand for maize in the industrial sector and its corresponding deficit in supply spurred us into seizing this budding market opportunity for wealth creation. There has been a sudden surge in demands for maize grains in Nigeria, owing to the discovery of its nutritional usefulness in livestock feed formulation. Unfortunately, maize yield has remained relatively constant and abysmally low at about 1.7 MT/ha since 2017, and currently is at the verge of rapid decline in production due to security challenges in about ten regions in the nation that accounts for nearly two-third (64%) of maize produced in Nigeria. Consequently, the nation is far from attaining self-sufficiency in production of this staple crop.
Addison Multi-Choice Enterprise is an agro-business dedicated to closing this supply gap. Our aim is to make socio-economic contribution by implementing improved farming system thereby boosting maize yield from 1.7 MT/ha to approximately 3.4 MT/ha.

Our Services

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We Produce diseases resistant seed

Addison Multichoice Enterprises is 1 hectare maize farm, we are into the cultivation of disease resistant maize seed varieties that can resist striga and fall armyworms infestation We adopt the Most Impactful Practices (MIP) involved in modernized farming to help reduce or eliminate wastes in production. The two MIPs to be adopted are: mechanized land preparation and the use of disease resistant maize seed varieties that can resist striga and fall armyworms infestation. Deployment of these MIPs will be advantageous in maize production as they will help achieve the following: increase land population, better soil structure, enhancement of aeration, increase organic matter and reduction of weed infestation.


Mono Cropping

At inception, the business relied on rain fed production as we currently lack access to dry season cropping resources. The mono cropping (the practice of planting only one type of crop on a given farm land) system will be adopted to maximize production activity and increase the output yield.


We Supply Quality Maize to Feed Miller

Our primary customers are feed millers and food companies which account for 60-70% of maize consumption. The average expected amount to be expended on our produce will be approximately $1000-monthly. Our marketing strategy is to leverage relationship with market agents who will serve as our initial channels/referrals to the key actors in the market. To enhance our performance and increase our bottom-line, we plan to creatively establish effective customer service models that make for customers’ direct involvement in the marketing procedure. We will establish direct online ordering system\ professional delivery services to ensure efficiency of our marketing activities. At AMCE customers can purchase dirt-free and high quality grains in a most convenient manner. We will adopt a combination of marketing methods-- digital marketing, word of mouth and penetration pricing strategy.



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